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Bonna-Agela Technologies in ASMS 2017

Have you enjoyed a warm talk with Agela dedicated and enthusiastic specialists in ASMS 2017?

Yes? Was that a pleasure and mutual beneficial talk?

No? That’s fine. Agela specialists will always be by your side for offering support to ensure that our products can be used, with confidence, in both routine QC and R&D analysis. Only need to let us know. You may leave a message at 

Agela has rich experiences of sample pre-treatment and provides full range of column products and delivers total solution of bio-sample pre-treatment for our clients.

Cleanert V96 is specially designed to evaporate and concentrate samples in plates rapidly and efficiently. Compared with heating by metal baseplate, Cleanert V96 is featured by high efficiency and well-distributed heating because it adopts state of the art of nitrogen heating.

                                 Cleanert V96 Evaporator for 96-well Collection Plate

Cleanert M96 is a positive pressure device special designed for 96-well plates applications in bioanalysis. It has been used for high throughput bio-sample preparation with protein precipitation plates, SPE plates, SLE plates as well as other plates in 96-well format.

                                                  Cleanert M96 positive pressure device

Cleanert M96 Positive Pressure Device coupled with Cleanert V96 Evaporator can make sample preparation process more efficient for high throughput analysis.

Each time in ASMS Agela brings only the highest quality solutions for your application. Analysis of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D2/D3 in serum by Cleanert SLE Plates Couple with LC-MS/MS is Agela’s poster in ASMS 2017.

Bonna-Agela Technologies is dedicated to serve analytical scientists globally, by developing innovative stationary phases and advanced equipment in the field of separation science. See you in ASMS 2018!

A rapid clean-up procedure using Cleanert SLE.pdf


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