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Agela Introduces Cleanert V96 at 11th WRIB

The 11th WRIB on April 3-7, 2017 in Los Angeles/Universal City (Hilton LA/Universal City) will continue to be a forum where regulators and industry convene for working together in the field of bioanalysis, biomarkers, and immunogenicity to improve global health. Participating Regulators at the 11th WRIB will again include all Major and Influential Regulatory Agencies in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

As a regular participant, Agela showed Cleanert V96 Nitrogen Evaporator, Cleanert M96 positive pressure device and Cleanert 96-well plate at WRIB.  Agela has rich experiences of sample pre-treatment and provides full range of column products and delivers total solution of bio-sample pre-treatment for our clients.

Cleanert V96 is specially designed to evaporate and concentrate samples in plates rapidly and efficiently. Compared with heating by metal baseplate, Cleanert V96 is featured by high efficiency and well-distributed heating because it adopts state of the art of nitrogen heating.

         Cleanert V96 Evaporator for 96-well Collection Plate

Cleanert M96 is a positive pressure device special designed for 96-well plates applications in bioanalysis. It has been used for high throughput bio-sample preparation with protein precipitation plates, SPE plates, SLE plates as well as other plates in 96-well format.

           Cleanert M96 positive pressure device

Used with Cleanert 96-well plate adapter the device is compatible with micro-well plate, shallow well plate and deep well plate.

Cleanert M96 Positive Pressure Device coupled with Cleanert V96 Evaporator can make sample preparation process more efficient for high throughput analysis.

In Los Angeles/Universal City, Bonna- Agela really spent happy time with the old and new friends. We shared experiences, exchanged ideas, we stood, stand and will stand along to make a better purified world. 


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