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Expecting you more than the warm spring and beautiful peach blossoms-On site report of Pittcon 2017

Early morning on 4th March, a handsome Tianjin mate stepped out of his home and took his journey to Chicago.  Over a ten hour flying, he arrived at airport. Without getting over the jet lag, he headed to McCormick Place directly to manage the advance set-up. He worked so hard, I guess he must receive a lot of Dedicated Blessings during the Chinese Luna new year!

        Bonna-Agela’s STAND No. 1721

Let’s come back to the point now. This time Agela brings Octopus purification system which is our newly launched product. Octopus is specially designed for chemists and covers various applications to meet different purification challenges. Octopus is described as “Transformer” thanks for being born with two purification technologies in one body.


Along with Octopus, we also have Cleanert V96 Nitrogen Evaporator on site.  As a leading company in the fields of sample pre-treatment, Bonna- Agela provides full range of column products and delivers total solution of bio-sample pre-treatment for our clients.

  Cleanert V96

So far, Bonna-Agela is recognized as an expert by more and more insiders. Venusil® array of columns are developed by BA people and included in Ph. Eur. and  PH. CHN. . Cleanert® MAS-Q was introduced to last Pittcon and attracted many orders. In the future, Bonna-Agela will boost our capability for delivering total solution in fields of food security, medicine determination and bio-sample analysis.

       Bonna-Agela consumable products

Sharing from moments:  Endless exhaustion and concern come along with unknown glamorousness…… Glad all is good and well with our coworkers and returning in triumph. See you in Orlando 2018. 

Behind the scene

Tasted apple from Pittcon~

Hi puppy, long time no see! Are you getting fat?

Try to recover from jet lag…


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