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Join us this year at PITTCON Booth 2828

March 6 - 10, 2016, Georgia World Congress 

Center, Atlanta, GA USA

Pittcon is the world’s leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science. Pittcon attracts more than 16,000 attendees from industry, academia and government from over 90 countries worldwide.


Bonna Agela Technologies proud to Introduce New Products at PITTCON this year. Step In to Our Booth #2828 for more information.

OCTOPUS Purification System
  • Customizable Pressure LC Purification System

  • Lowest Lab Scale Dimensions Design

  • Purification Chromatography Data Software

  • State of Art Autosampler for High Throughput Analysis

  • Column Switching for Parallel Purification of Samples

  • Consistent High Pressure  Flow Rate Accuracy and Repeatability 

  • Inbuilt Remote Access Capability

  • Scalable Fraction Collection

M96 Positive Pressure SPE Device
  • Low variation on the flow-rates between wells of 96-well plates; improved extraction consistency.

  • High-throughput by processing up to 96 samples simultaneously.

  • Good flexibility: can run any number of samples between 1-96.

  • Dual-pressure control:

    separated coarse and fine tuning to get precise pressure control and quick tuning.

  • Easy set-up and operation: ready to run; needs only purged gas source.

  • The SPE stage indicator: manually switch the indicator position to remember the current stage of your operation.

  • The whole SPE process can be completed in an inert (N2) environment.

Cleanert® MAS-Q (QuEChERS)
  • Easy and efficient methods, saved time of the sample preparation

  • High recovery and low solvent use

  • Cost effective

  • Excellent sealing effect to avoid solvent leakage

  • Disposable glass homogenizers promote consistent extraction and increase recovery


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